What are the service hours?
The system is working the following times depending on the season: April-October: 7.00-21.00h
November-March: 7:00-19:00h

What can I do in case of an issue?
You can call us on the free number 900840180

What are the fees for occasional users?
The fees are applicable per day depending on the type of bicycle: Electrical bicycle 6€/day
Conventional bicycle5€/day
The daily fee is applicable independently of the payment time.

Can we pick up different bikes during the day?
Once you have anchored the bicycle you are using, later you can pick up another one again.

Can I pay today to use the bicycle another day?
No, as it is a bicycle booking/renting system. The code the user gets once the payment has been done, allows to use the service the very same day within operating hours. After operating hours, the code expires and stops working.

Do I have to register each time I want to use the bicycle?
You only need to register the first time. After that, data is stored and you only need to access the client area to pay introducing your ID or passport number and password. In the client area, you can check/edit your data, check open services or previous ones, etc.

Can I pay with any card?
It must be a credit card, debit cards are not allowed.

What is the difference between ordinary and occasional use?
As detailed in the regulations and conditions, any adult intending to use the Bizimeta service throughout the year, must register the procedure detailed for ordinary users. On the other hand, occasional users benefit from the use of a bicycle for a period of one day within the service opening hours, regardless of the number of hours used, without having to register as regular users.