BIZIMETA is the first INTERURBAN system of sustainable public transport by bicycle for these municipalities with standard and electrical bikes, fully equipped.

BIZIMETA is a pioneer ecological intercity transport system in Biscay. A modern fleet of bicycles designed to favor practical, fast and sustainable transport. You can pick up your bike and move comfortably to another participant municipality, then return or deliver the bicycle at the point right there.


Electric bicycles as an alternative to fuel prices and pollution


“In addition to standard bikes that are fully equipped and ready to use, we offer you a new fleet of electric bikes.”


Every pedaling you do on your bike is helping the insertion of people in need. Rezikleta, as part of the social network Koopera, works with people at risk of social exclusion, offering them training, service and an accompaniment that allows them to access a job. Rezikleta is the link, in many cases necessary, that aims to facilitate, guide and achieve the full socio-labor insertion of people.


Dare to change your car for one of the most universal and ecological means of transport: the bicycle.

Used by millions of users for centuries, the bicycle revolutionized the means of transportation when it appeared, offering users an affordable, cost-effective and versatile way. Not only gave a world of possibilities to a large number of people, but it was – and is – a great investment to take care of you, and to take care of us all.

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